Friday, September 29, 2017


7:15 AM tea

9 AM breakfast. Fruit and cereal, almond milk, sprinkle of walnuts and dried blueberries. Cup of coffee.

11 AM, walk with Jake

12:30 PM lunch. I made a tuna salad with mayonnaise, relish, capers, onions, on a single slice of white toast.

4-ish PM snack. 1/2 apple.

6:30 -ish PM snack. 1/3 carrot and hummus

7 PM dinner. 1 slice leftover meatloaf with leftover kugel and a green salad. Glass of wine.

No ice cream, no dessert!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Social gatherings... I blow it every time!

7 AM tea--nothing wrong with that!

9:30 AM late breakfast at Zinc. Shared scrambled eggs and bagel with Ellie. Cup of coffee.

10:40 AM gym. 20 minutes elliptical, 1 hour with Shanna. She works me hard!

1 PM lunch. Slice of cold meatloaf, a dollop of cottage cheese.

Out for the entire afternoon on errands. No snack.

5:30 snack--crackers and cheese and a glass of fumé blanc. Well, maybe two glasses over pleasant--and surprising!--conversation.

6:30 dinner at Roux, the new Creole restaurant down the hill. Shared a salad and shared the catfish dish with Ellie. More wine. And dessert. We ordered two for the table, sent one back, enjoyed the other.

A very rich meal, even though we shared. And altogether too much wine for one evening... Just being sociable, I tell myself.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017



7 AM a bracing mug of Yorkshire Gold tea!

9 AM breakfast. Fruit and cereal. A cup of coffee.

1:30 AM gym. 20 mins elliptical, 1 hour workout with Shanna.

12 PM lunch. 1/3 leftover onion bagel with butter, cheese, and a little Branston pickle. I also sneaked in a sliver of chocolate for dessert...

4 PM snack. 1/2 banana with plain yogurt and a chopped up date.

6 PM a few bites of carrot with hummus.

7 PM dinner. Baked salmon with leftover kugel and a cucumber and tomato salad. A glass of white wine.

No ice cream, no dessert!

Monday, September 25, 2017


The weeks keep rolling by. In fact, they seem to keep rolling by faster!


7-ish, tea

8:30 pre-sangha breakfast. Small bowl of fruit and cereal

9 - 11 AM sangha. A good meditation sit--and wide-ranging discussion, mostly political.

12 PM a big brunch! 1/3 toasted bagel with butter and 1 egg omelette with chives; 1/3 toasted bagel with cream cheese and lox. A teaspoon go homemade kumquat marmalade. Coffee.

2 PM, cigar on the patio with a friend.

Crosswords. No snack.

7 PM dinner. Leftover steak, leftover rice and corn hash, leftover squash, and salad. A glass of red wine.

No ice cream, no dessert!

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Yesterday... not much water. I forgot all about it until mid-afternoon, and hurried to catch up a bit. Need to be more mindful on this front. Also, I skipped gym. A busy morning on the computer and telephone, rescheduling our return flights from Toronto, left me at 11 AM with very much reduced motivation. I chose to stay home and do some of the writing I'd missed earlier. (I discovered that I had failed to save a whole bunch of work from previous days, and had to go back and redo everything. An unwelcome chore. I never manage to get it right the second time around!)

7 AM tea

9 AM breakfast. 1 slice toast, 1 fried egg, a little marmalade. Coffee.

12:30 PM lunch. Nicoise salad without the tuna.

4 PM snack. 1/2 apple and peanut butter

6:30 PM snack, handful of tortilla chip fragments and salsa.

7:30 PM dinner. Chicken, rice and corn hash, tomato salad. A glass of red wine.

No ice cream, no dessert.

Friday, September 22, 2017


Thursday was the day to make our irregular commute between Los Angeles and our Laguna Beach cottage. The packing and preparation, the drive and the resettling take up most of the day.

7 AM tea

9 AM breakfast. I made us a bowl of porridge each, with raisins, dried cranberries, walnuts and, for me, brown sugar. Just a habit, but a choice made consciously. Milk. A cup of coffee.

1 PM a bite of lunch. Tiny portion of leftover chicken noodle soup--so that it wouldn't go to waste! (This a frequent motivation for me. The old childhood lesson--but this time relatively harmless.) A stick of cheddar cheese and 1/2 piece of toast.

2:30 PM Arriving in Laguna, a stop at Zinc. Ellie wisely chose a salad. I had already eaten "lunch", so I chose one of their delicious chocolate chip cookies--and ate (nearly!) the whole thing. Ellie had a nibble.

7 PM dinner. Leftover kugel, red cabbage, 4 small chunks of kielbasa. A glass of white wine.

No ice cream, no dessert! (I watched Ellie eat a small bowl of ice cream--and rested the temptation.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


7 AM tea

9 AM, breakfast. 1 poached egg, 1 English muffin with butter and honey. A cup of coffee with coconut creamer.

12 PM lunch. 1/2 cheese sandwich with mayonnaise and chutney (love it!). 1/2 apple.

At 4 PM I chose to eat... a chocolate chip cookie (most of it!)

6:30 PM meditation

7:30 shot of Irish whiskey. Another choice.

8 PM dinner. Blue Apron steak with over-roasted potatoes and garlic sauce, string bean salad. Ellie and I shared one of the two steaks from the package. Glass of white wine.

No ice cream, no dessert! The better choice!