Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I remember a time, not long ago, when losing weight was pretty easy. I'd give up my glass of wine at dinner for a week and I'd shed 5 pounds, no problem. It's not happening any more. I've been watching my intake for ten days now--without cheating too much!--and I've managed to shed a mere 3 pounds. Ah, well, not to be discouraged, onward! (It is going to be a lot harder in the coming week, while we're on the road to and from Ketchum, Idaho, to witness the total eclipse.) I did, by the way, start that little record book I was writing about yesterday.

So... yesterday:

7:30 AM, tea
9:00 AM, breakfast. A slice of Ellie's homemade banana bread
10:30 AM, 1/2 cranberry scone at Starbucks, with a cup of coffee
1:00 PM 1/2 apple, wedge of cheddar cheese
4:00 PM small slice of toast with peanut butter and blueberry jam
7:00 PM, dinner. Homemade chicken soup--chicken pieces in chicken broth with sliced carrots and spring onions. Salt and pepper. Very tasty. A few chips.

No dessert! No ice cream!

This morning, I'm due for a session at the gym; then we'll be on the road for a full week or more.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I need to have a little book where I can write down what I eat and drink contemporaneously. Otherwise, I tend to forget. So far as I recall, yesterday:

7 AM, the usual

9:00 AM, breakfast. Fruit, cereal with milk and a cup of coffee with milk
(Note to self: too much milk?)

!0:45 AM, gym. A quarter hour on the elliptical, then a full hour with Shanna. She works me hard, and I'm pretty worn down by the end of our session. In a good way.

12:30 PM, pre-lunch (I had to drive up to Kaiser to resolve a problem with my pills.) Half and apple with a chunk of cheddar.

3:00 PM, snack. A small bowl of cottage cheese with a sprinkling of cinnamon and grapes.

6:30 PM, pre-dinner snack--a small handful of TJ's salted sesame sticks. Glass of orangina and cranberry drink mix.

7:00 PM, dinner. Leftover hamburger patty with green salad and a shared baked potato with butter, salt and pepper. The baked potato was huge. I could have/should have eaten half of my half. Instead, I scoffed the lot.

I have not weighed myself for several days now--not since I noticed that the needle had stopped moving. I do feel a tad less bloated, but am still very much aware of the needless weight I'm carrying around with me.

Monday, August 14, 2017


I missed a day yesterday, Sunday. It happened to be the day after my blowout, Saturday night. We went out to eat at a restaurant, Sapphire, and I indulged in not one, but two glasses of wine. My resolve faltered in the face of habit: don't I always drink a glass of wine when eating out? What harm could a single glass do? And then, after waiting a good long while for our appetizer to arrive, half the glass was gone--even with just tiny little sips. And it wasn't a very big glass, after all. I our bigger glasses at home. So pretty soon the glass was empty and much of the meal was still to come... I ordered the second glass because, well, a good dish deserves to be accompanied, no?

So go the rationalizations. Anyway, I woke Sunday morning with the realization that the regular morning sit at sangha was postponed until 5 PM because Than Geoff would be visiting, so I took the advantage to enjoy a leisurely morning in bed with the newspaper.

Intake for the day:

7:30 AM, a cup of tea with milk and sugar (2 spoons)

9 AM, early breakfast: small bowl of fruit with muesli and granola, walnuts and dried blueberries

A long morning with no snack. Better to have had a small something in the interim

1 PM, brunch: shared a 3-egg scramble with Ellie (gave her the smaller half!), started out with 2/3 of an everything bagel, butter and kumquat marmalade, then decided on the last 1/3, why not? It was a very thin slice, from the top. Coffee with milk, no sugar, no sweetener. Oh, and a few pieces of chopped melon.

Did I forget a 4PM snack? If I had one, I don't remember. I'm sure, though, that it wasn't my usual apple yesterday.

7:30 PM, dinner: salmon, roasted in the over with lemon and onion, greens, a rice salad. The corn that Ellie had planned on including proved to be no longer fresh enough to eat. No wine! (Before dinner, I suggested sharing a bottle of beer but Ellie, in her wisdom, reminded me to get back on the wagon).

A good meditation session with Than Geoff. I'll talk about it over on The Buddha Diaries...

Saturday, August 12, 2017



7:30 AM Cuppa
9:00 AM Fruit, cereal, milk, coffee
12:30 PM Lunch at Zinc: mixed salads--beet, white beans, avocado; shared Sunrise orang drink
3:30 PM Snack: 1/2 apple and cheddar stick
7:00 PM Dinner: BBQ hamburger, salted vegetables (potato, sprouts, peppers)
No dessert, no ice cream!

Friday, August 11, 2017


Choice is a powerful tool, but it's not easy. Once the consciousness is in place--I can choose to drink a glass of wine with my dinner, or choose not to--there's still a decision to be made. I found myself torn, last night. One part of my mind was using the seductive argument: come on, what difference can it make, just one glass? And another part struggling with the commitment that I made to myself--to no one else--to do what I must to restore the sense of physical well-being that I've lost. Not easy. I listened, eventually, to the wiser voice, and made the decision to pass up on the glass of wine.

So... yesterday:

7 AM, the usual cuppa

9:00 AM, breakfast. A single egg (instead of the usual two), a large slice of buttered toast, coffee with milk. Did I have fruit? I forget. Must make contemporaneous notes.

10:30 AM, gym. 20 minutes on the elliptical walker to warm up, then an hour of strenuous exercise with Shanna.

12:30 PM, lunch. One slice of chopped ham, handful of chopped tiny tomatoes, 1/8 th chopped avocado topped with spring onion and dressing.

4:00 PM, snack. One half apple with almond butter

7:00 PM, dinner. One kosher hot dog, one half roasted squash stuffed with brown rice and leftover vegetable pasta sauce (homemade) topped with melted cheese.

No dessert, no ice cream!

Not to be too delicate about these things, I took a couple of stool softeners last night at bed time, hoping to help with the constipation problem. As they say in Germany, "mal sehen"--we'll see.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


In some haste today...


7:30 AM Cuppa

9:00 AM Breakfast, small bowl of fruit, sprinkle granola & muesli, milk, coffee no milk, no sweetener. I prefer my coffee sweet and have been using "yellow stuff" = Splenda. I'm told (by virtually everyone) that it's bad for me. Is sugar worse?

12: 30 PM Walked down the hill to the Stand to bring back lunch--an avacado and guacamole bowl with brown rice. Added a little TJ's salsa.

4:00 PM-ish Half apple and almond butter.

6:30 PM Dinner. Half leftover BBQ chicken breast, 5 brussels sprouts, 2 1/2 small red potatoes (with butter). No vodka, no wine.

No dessert, no ice cream!

Even so, no change on the scale this morning. Still clocking in at 195. Some of this surely attributable to severe constipation.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The scale today still says 195. A disappointment. I'd hoped to see a 4 in there somewhere. Ah, well! Onward!


7:30 AM, the usual cup of English tea, still with 1/3 less sugar. Can't seem to do without the sweetness, when it comes to tea.

9:00 AM-ish, breakfast. One egg (usually two) on one piece of toast (ditto). A cup of coffee with no sugar and no sweetener. A grape salad--we seem to have ended up with five different kinds on our refrigerator.

10:45 AM, gym. 20 minutes on the elliptical walker, followed by an hour's workout with Shanna. Returned home quite tired.

12:30 PM-ish, lunch. A half can of tuna, chopped tomatoes, cottage cheese topped with green onions. No bread.

Out and about (buying new bed!) until later afternoon.

4:00 PM, one half apple with peanut butter

Before dinner: 4 tortillas chips, large glass of mineral water (Ellie tells me it has corn syrup in the mix--looks like this is something to avoid now that the bottle is finished).

7:00 PM, dinner. Half sliced BBQ chicken breast with beet greens and one small roast potato (with butter). One glass of white wine. This bottle, too, is now finished. I choose NOT to open a new one for the time being.

No dessert! No idea cream!

It's easier to make the better choices when the mind is not preoccupied with other things and the body is more restful. Would have killed for a nice, calming shot or two of vodka after a day out in the Orange County maze of malls and department stores. But did not. Either kill, or pour myself a nice cold glass of vodka!